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Basmati Rice is Excellent product of Pakistan

The Basmati Drives from sanskarti word "BAS" which mean queen of Fragrance. Basmati rice is king of rice due its quality feature exotic aroma, long slender grains with delicate curvature delicious nutty flavor remarkable linear elongation which is more than its original length combined with excellent flaky soft texture in cooking, due to above feature that way basmati commands against all other rices of the world. Now Mostly Basmati rice is harvested by half feeding combine harvesters also harvested by hand with delicate care.

Basmati Rice birth in fertile valleys and plains of Pakistani Punjab where it take the fresh water of Himalayan range filled with minerals nourishes the crop to the perfection of aroma, taste and beauty. Usally Basmati rice consume by Mogal Kings and maharajas but now latest culativation technique and latest rice milling procedure have made this basmati rice is available for everyone Basmati rice cultivate one time in Punjab Pakistan and northern India.

Products (All rice Verities Available in White, Brown and Parboiled)
Long Grain Super kernal Basmati Rice
Yellow Corn
Extra Long Grain 1121 (Steam & Sella) Rice
Long Grain PK 386 Rice
Long Grain IRRI 6 & IRRI 9 Rice
Long Grain KS282 Rice

Super Basmati
PK 386
Length 7.45 mm 678 mm 693 mm
Width 1.62 mm 1.78 mm 1.69 mm
Thickness 1.51 mm 1.56 mm 1.46 mm
Classification Long Grain Long Grain Long Grain
Chalkyness No NO YES
Gen Length 63 mm 61 mm 44 mm
Elongation 1.93 mm 1.9 mm 1.8 mm
Aroma Present None None